LBR offers a full-range of programming and server administration services. Using proven open source software platforms and rapid development frameworks, LBR can provide cutting edge capabilities for your business quickly and affordably.
All custom written code is released to you under the MIT license. In a nutshell, that means you are free to do anything with it that you want except claim copyright on it. That means you have the flexibility and security of "owning" the source code we create for you.
sample projects
complete web services
Word Press blog installs and configuration, forum installs and configuration, basic contact or other forms, email newsletters, shopping cart solutions.
MySQL database administration, database creation and optimization, custom database and data reporting solutions.
We can build virtually any application for you as a web app, hosted and database backed. Available from anywhere on the planet you have an internet connection, but secure and private when necessary, this eliminates the need for you to invest in and maintain expensive servers at your location. In addition, your app has multiple redundant connections to the net plus power back up with diesel generator. It's guaranteed uptime with no headaches.
Watch this space for an announcement later this year about native integration for your custom web apps on your iPhone.
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